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Simple, Yet Luxurious Motorhomes at Key Auto Mall

Life on the road is wonderful - if you have a comfortable living space. Travel should be simple and luxurious: that's the motorhome user's mentality. The compact vans available at Key Auto Mall in Moline include all the motorhome features within the van itself. Motorhomes have many names. You'll hear them referred to as conversion vans, camper vans, B vans, and Class B RVs. Despite the name confusion, motorhomes are beloved by RV users everywhere for top tier residential living spaces. RV manufacturers find ingenious ways to convert the van interior into a usable kitchen, bedroom, and living space.

Fall in Love with the Benefits of a Motorhomes

Motorhomes are great for Bettendorf consumers who are beginning the RV lifestyle or simply looking to downsize to get off the beaten path. Camper vans are the ideal fit for people who love the great outdoors and still want a comfortable place to rest their heads at night. They're versatile, sleek, and still have the essential advantages of larger motorhomes like sleeping space, a kitchen, and a wet bath. It's small enough to park in your garage at home, making it easier to store in between trips.

Drivable and Dependable

Camper vans are designed to pack living essentials into a small, transportable package that you can take anywhere. to provide camper van accessories that give you rooftop access, powered awning shade and space to bring your bikes along on your next adventure. Each motorhome brand has unique floor plans and features so be sure to explore each model as you shop. The Sequence and Tellaro are sister products, the differences between the lines come down to interior styling.

Pick out your destination and get your loved ones ready to go. Our Class B+ motorhomes are perfect introductory RVs for families just getting started. More spacious than a Class B van with the amenities you love in a Class C Motorhome, you'll never look back once you take the road less traveled in your Class B+ RV.

The Sequence

The Sequence is a great starter camper van for those who value European-inspired floor plans and chic interior designs.

Learn more about the Sequence!

Drivable, Lovable, Dependable

Our conversion vans are Recreational Utility Vehicles (RUV), which means they're designed to be as easy-to-drive as a Sports Utility Vehicle. There's no more fear to drive a motorhome because our Class B+ motorhomes have all-wheel drive, safety assistance features and AdvanceTrac with RSC (Roll Stability Control). Our camper vans will keep your loved ones safe, ensuring a stress-free adventure.

Class B+ Motorhomes, A+ Amenities

Not only are our Class B plus RVs built with intention, they are also designer detailed. Interior decor packages will draw you in and the amenities will pull on your heart strings. Fully equipped kitchens and spacious baths, and different floor plans to choose from, you'll find the best Class B+ for Davenport drivers and passengers. Get ready for the time of your life, in your Class B plus RV.

Our Class B+ Motorhome Brands

Compact and comfortable, our leisure travel vans are designed for functionality and convenience. Storage space, Wi-Fi connectivity, entertainment accessories and solar panels allow you to go anywhere in your Compass. Built with adventures Rock Island families in mind, our Class B RVs are Made to Fit.

Compass AWD RUV

Never mind fear of driving a motorhome, the Compass AWD is a Recreational Utility Vehicle. You'll feel safe with this easy-to-drive Class C motorhome with all-wheel-drive system and AdvanceTrac with RSC.

Learn more about the Compass!

Find Your Class Motorhome at Key Auto Mall

If you're looking for the best conversion motorhome for you, and want more information, ask an expert. Our Coach Link Sales Advisor can help answer any questions you may have about the motorhomes on our lot. If you're looking for a camper for sale near you, check out our East Moline area dealership.

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