uh, oh. It looks like you need a new car. Your old one can't quite get it done the way it used to. Is it smaller than you need? Are you ready for something a little fresher? But what are your plans with your old one? Have you considered trading it in? Key Auto Mall will gladly pay you handsomely for your vehicle. The process is quick and easy. Not to mention it goes a long way in helping you when you are ready to purchase or lease your next new vehicle.

The Kelley Blue Book form at Key Auto Mall helps you get started on the process. It just takes a few minutes, and you are closer to driving away in the car of your dreams and ditching your current clunker.

  • Information about your current vehicle
  • What kind of vehicle are you looking for?
  • What is your timeline?

This gives our team a good idea of what we'll be looking at when you bring it to Key Auto Mall in Moline. And it helps you with a prediction of how much you may get in return for your car. Once you fill out all of this information, you'll quickly have a fair market estimate for your vehicle. When you are ready to trade it in, someone from our appraisal team will give it a thorough inspection. When all is said and done, you will be handed a check, and the car will be out of your hair. You can use that money to help with the costs that come from getting your new vehicle licensed and the taxes that come in to play.

The amount you get will depend on several factors. Among them are your car's condition and its mileage. So it would be helpful to have your potential trade nice and clean when you bring it in. Our appraisers are fair and love to work with you. After all, your trade-in could be someone else's dream car. Don't feel stuck in your current car. Find out how much you could get and let Key Auto Mall take care of the rest, by letting us take in your trade.

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