In case you haven't noticed, Fall has officially arrived in Moline, IL. The temperature is dropping, and the leaves will soon start changing. That means there are plenty of reasons to consider getting a new car, truck or SUV from Key Auto Mall. If you need an excuse to consider something new, let's look at everything going on right now and you decide for yourself.

Back to school: Back to school time is a great time to go new. Think about it; your family is getting busier. The kids are getting older and more involved. You need a SUV to haul them to volleyball or football practice and still large enough to carry their heavy equipment bags. As they get older, their games are getting farther away. Road trips are becoming more frequent. A stylish Buick Enclave Essence or Dodge Durango will impress the other parents when you show up to drop off the kids for theater or dance recital. With more than a hundred SUVs to choose from, there is no shortage of options for your family.

Football Season: Fall in Illinois and Iowa means tailgating season. Whether you are cheering on your favorite high school, university or Pee-Wee football team, tailgating is more fun in a 2020 Ram 1500 truck. Imagine loading up your grille, cooler, cornhole and bag of football into the bed of your pickup and cooking out with other fans and talking football? There is nothing better than tossing a ball around the parking lot, getting ready for your favorite players to hit the gridiron. With your pickup from Key Auto Group you will always be willing to carry the load and invite people to your party, as long as you can bring your truck.

Explore the Foliage:Nothing says Fall in Illinois like touring the country and seeing the beauty of the changing leaves. Hop into your elegant Chrysler 300 and find the best colors from Moline to Bettendorf, IA. Nothing says fall like discovering the fall foliage near your hometown, in a sleek sedan.

Honestly, you don't even need a reason to explore the new and used options at Key Auto Mall, in Moline. Browse the selection and discover your potential new car, truck or SUV. No matter what excuse you use, you'll find the perfect new vehicle for you in Moline.

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